A Tale Of Two Technologies

Our business is driven by increasingly stringent global waste water discharge and emission standards for combustion facilities, which are major sources of a variety of harmful pollutants. Unlike other technologies, our solution easily reduces nitrogen oxides and works all stages of the combustion process.

Our first technology provides the ability to remove oil from water allowing the companies to extract more oil from source and to meet government regulations in water discharge.  Providing clean water to industry insuring no contamination.


The second technology allows the removal of 90% plus contaminates from air emissions. Getting to zero emissions and 90% closer to  Complete Combustion is now a reality.

Terra Technologies holds two patents covering the usage of our technology in any application with air and water.

Methods for removal of oil and other contaminates from water.

The patent shows all workings of the solution as well as components and experimental processes. The development of technology was initially initiated based on the lack of equipment and services available for separating oil and water laden with detergents. 

Patent No. US8308851
Air Purification and Emission Control

Methods for the removal of contaminants from water and gas.


The technology has also demonstrated that it can remove harmful particles from gas emitted from industrial activities such as oil refinement and production, power generation, smoke, and  vehicle emissions, significantly reducing CO, CO2, NOx, and SO2 emissions, as well as other particle contaminants.

Patent No. US7597809
Emulsified and/or
Dispersed Oil

Founded in 2010 as a division of Terra Services Inc. Terra technologies have spent the past seven years testing our technologies in a multitude of applications. We understand that clean technology is becoming a paramount focus not only to private industry, government institutions but to society at large.  Our technology we believe meet the requirements of today's standards and beyond. 

Canada in now supporting clean technology procurement with 30 billion dollars committed over the next 10 years.  As we stand at the dawn of the clean growth century Terra Technologies is ready to lead.  The commitment to climate action goes well beyond governments, businesses around the world recognize the historic shift to clean energy.  The Paris agreement sent a strong signal to the world and to economic markets.

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